Celebrating 50 joyous years of Dhanuka Stores



It is owing to our Parent's sharp visionary approach and business intelligence that today we are counted as one of the foremost organization of the operating industry.

We at Dhanuka Stores, are serving our customers from 50 years. We are the people who proud to be a Marwari and we believe that the better we know our own culture the more we can give best of ourselves to the world.

Our objective is to be a part of all your celebrations, be it an Occasion, a Festival or any Special Day.

Our commitment lies in our efforts to make each and every woman look beautiful and enhance the uniqueness in her persoinality. The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance for us, which we strive for.

We believe in providing excellent quality products to our clients and define a new style statement for them every time. We have carried out this tradition of quality and faith since many years and still continue to work with greater efficiency.
Our business is situated in the oldest living city on Earth, Varanasi (India). We are well known for our high quality fabric and timely completion of our consignments.

Mr. G.S. Dhanuka

amazing store
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