Celebrating 50 joyous years of Dhanuka Stores

Household Material

Papad, Achaar & Murabba

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying wide range of Papad, Anchar & Murabba to our customers. These are made of high quality ingredients. These are highly appreciated for its taste.


  • Aalu Papad(plain)
  • Aalu Papad (Dhaniya Masala)
  • Sajji Moong Papad
  • Chana Papad
  • Tiranga Papad
  • Aalu chips(plain)
  • Aalu Chips(Jaali)
  • Aalu Jalebi
  • Sabudana Chips
  • Chawal Khichiya
  • And Many More..


  • Lal Mirch ka achaar
  • Panch Mel ka achaar
  • Keriya ka achaar
  • Aam ka Khatta achaar
  • Aam ka Meetha achaar
  • Neembu ka achaar
  • Hari mirch ka achaar
  • Lehsun ka achaar
  • And many more varities of achaar


  • Aawla ka Murabba
  • Bel Ka Murabba
  • Seb ka Murabba
  • And Many More..

Rajasthani Items

At Dhanuka Stores, we have a special counter of rajasthani items such as sangri, gwarfali, moongodi and many more.


  • Mangaudi
  • Saangri
  • Gwar Fali
  • Keriya
  • Lalmirch Powder
  • Dhaniya Powder
  • And all types of Rajasthani Items.

Vrat & Tyohar

At Dhanuka Stores, we have a special counter of vrat & tyohar, where we keep items which one can eat in fasting.

Vrat Items

  • Kuttu ka Atta
  • Singhade ka Atta
  • Kuttu
  • Ramdana
  • Falhari Namkeen
  • And Vrat & Pooja related items